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Saturday, February 20, 2010

FONET News Agency - Albanians ambush local Serb, February 20, 2010

ISTOK -- Kosovo Serb Ljubiša Stepanović was assaulted early Saturday morning in the Kosovo village of Žać, near Istok, by a group of Albanians.

Stepanović was jumped by a group of four or five Albanians while on his way to buy bread in Osojane, according to return coordinator in the Serb municipality of Istok, Vesna Maliković. He was taken to the Kosovska Mitrovica hospital and the Kosovo police were informed of the attack.

Maliković said that the attackers waited for Stepanović hiding on the property of a Serb that visited several days ago with the intention of returning with his family. She said that the situation in Istok has drastically worsened over the last week, and that the attack has further upset Serbs living in the municipality.

“There are five homes almost complete for returning Serbs in Žać and it is obvious that someone does not like it,” Maliković said.

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